Well whuddya know…

•August 9, 2010 • 1 Comment

Look who is back!  Maybe.  If anyone is even still around these parts?

You’ll never guess what happened.

That guy I met?  And paused my sex blogging for?

He’s now my husband!  Mr. Moss, if you will.  He is absolutely no question the perfect yang to my yin.  The perfect amount of kink.  The total amount of trust.  My previous adventures – though beneficial in re-learning to love myself – could never have led me to where I go with him.  Mentally, emotionally, physically.

The sex started great, and just keeps getting better and better.  We recently took a tantric sex workshop, and keep discovering new worlds together.

I don’t recall if I explained it here before…  (I kept my archives though I turned them to private.) Before I even met him I had thought out what it was about the D/s scene that I was drawn to – since I didn’t have a desire for the full-blown lifestyle that many enjoy (and I’m glad they do!)

What I wanted was someone with whom I could have complete trust (which was not so easily given) who would push me just to the edge of my boundaries and a bit beyond.  Someone who felt my edges, and let me soften into them, while always being aware of how much I pushed back and when it would be too much.

He is everything that I wanted and needed, and more.

I remember within the first summer, showing him photos from my HNT days, embarrassed and still wondering what he thought of me.  I told him of the blog, but life being what it is, he only read all my past posts yesterday.  This time, I sat here half wondering what I had written about back then, but knowing that whatever it was, it was not a secret from him nor could anything change how he feels about me.

As we’ve been discovering the convenience of erotic & porn photography of tumblr via our phones, I suggested we create accounts and can reblog ones we’d like each other to see.  As the plan unfolded, the choice of username for my account was clear.  And Sabine came back into my life.

No idea how much, if at all, I’ll blog here.  But we are reblogging what we find sexy on tumblr (Sabine here, and Mr. Moss here) and twitter – and plotting on creating some images ourselves.  Maybe I’ll see you there? 😛



•June 23, 2008 • 2 Comments

I’m smitten. Utterly and completely, head over heels.

I don’t know if he’ll find this site. I don’t know when I’ll tell him. I do know that I feel uncomfortable sharing details, as this is not just a casual fling, and it’s important to me.

All our free time is spent together, so I haven’t had the energy or time to devote to here.

I don’t want to give it up or delete it, not quite yet.

So that’s where I’m at. No clue where the blog goes from here. I apologize to those that I befriended here – I enjoyed it, and enjoy reading your blogs (although I haven’t even had much time for that!) Stick around if you want, live feeds are great for keeping in touch with sporadic bloggers ;o)

Till next time, I wish you all (with a nod to Ms Amos) peace, love, and a hard cock.